AP Associations

American Promise is both local and national network. We have an exciting nationwide strategy and clear plan for victory. The success of our strategy does not depend on Washington lobbyists or online petitions — it depends on you and your community.

Local: American Promise serves and supports citizen action where you live. You are never alone. We provide you with a structure of support and training through our Civic Courage program so you can take community action with friends and neighbors in American Promise Associations (APAs) near you. If you or someone you know is interested in starting an American Promise Association in your community, contact Ben Gubits at beng@americanpromise.net.


National: Our digital platform, AP Connect™ networks AP members and APAs to each other. This collaborative model helps newcomers get up to speed wherever they are in the country - in person and online. Curated content, legislative updates, and on-going conversations are all part of AP Connect.