American Promise Associations

American Promise is both a local and national network. We have an exciting nationwide strategy and clear plan for victory. The success of our strategy does not depend on Washington lobbyists or online petitions — it depends on you and your community.

American Promise Associations bring our movement to your community, and help build a national network to create country-wide support for The 28th Amendment. If you're interested in beginning the process of starting, or joining, an APA, start by filling out the form below and calling our Citizen Empowerment Coordinator, Azor Cole (206)403-0367 or Next, check out our 5 steps to starting an APA further down the page!



5 Steps to Starting an APA

1. Talk with Citizen Empowerment Coordinator, Azor Cole
(206-403-0367 or about starting an APA in your community.

Azor can give you all the details you'll need if you want to start an APA, and we'd love to hear from you. APAs bring the movement into your community, and we want to help you do that as much as we can. Getting in contact with us is the first step for any potential APA.

2. Host the inviting team call, and support team members in having a great turnout for the APA launch in your community.

Share the vision of the new program with allies and get commitment to host an inviting team meeting with 5-10 people. Set a date, time, and location for the call. American Promise will do training and roleplaying of a call to one (or a few) of your friends, and share a sample invite e-mail.

3. Welcome APA Staff to your community for an energizing APA launch meeting.

With significant coaching and follow up from our inviting team call, we’ll be ready for the APA launch. This meeting will be roughly 3 hours in length and will include breakouts, roll playing, sharing of personal stories, planned action items for immediate engagement, and inspiration for sustained citizen action.

4. Activate your APA with the 4-part new group training.

Here, you’ll deepen your connection to each other, your commitment to a 28th amendment, and your skills and confidence as an activist. Members of your APA will grow confident in their ability to meet with an editorial board, a legislator or community organization.

5. Gather each month with your APA and APAs around the country for the national conference call.

Each call is a Launchpad for action and will feature great guest speakers like those at the NCLC with a Q&A period, grassroots victories shared from around the country including the barriers the APAs had to overcome, a section focused on helping you become better spokespersons for ratifying a 28th amendment, and a section focused on the month’s action.

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Action Sheets

Each month, American Promise members are in action, writing letters to the editor, having meetings with their members of Congress, asking elected officials to take the Candidate Pledge and much more, all centered around creating champions in Congress, the media and the general public to win a 28th Amendment so that people - not money, not corporations, not special interests - govern.

On each National Citizen Leader Conference Call, a call that happens on the second Saturday of every month, a training is led around the month's action. Listen to past calls here.

Action Sheets can be accessed by clicking their link:

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