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American Promise and the drive to the 28th Amendment is won and paid for by you and me. When we become members of American Promise, we step up and commit—our faith in the future, our time, and yes, our money.

You join American Promise with a contribution of anything from $5 to $1200 (yes, we have a maximum membership contribution!) Our average contribution is $21. Most American Promise members contribute both time and money to the cause, and we are grateful for and inspired by all the ways Americans are coming together to save our democracy and heal our Republic.

We hope you will join us either as a monthly or annual member. If you are unable to afford a contribution at this time but would like to be a member who does volunteer work, drop me a line. There are many ways for all Americans to win the 28th Amendment, together.

Jeff Clements
President, American Promise



Or send checks payable to American Promise and send to:
American Promise
c/o Susan Muller
33 Bradford St.
Concord, MA 01742