Citizen UpRising Reporting

In order to show the impact of the uprising, we need to hear from you about what you've been up to! Click on the yellow button above to select the form to report on that activity!

  • Event Report Form: Tell us about your events or tabling efforts, upload sign in sheets or excel documents, and give us feedback from what you are hearing from your neighbors
  • Published Media: Have you had an LTE, OP-Ed, editorial or article published? Share it with us so we can let others know!
  • Local Resolution Report Form: A huge part of the uprising is getting local cities and towns on the record for a 28th Amendment. Share your local resolution victories so we can learn from your efforts and duplicate it across the country.
  • Elected & Candidate Meetings Report Form: Winning elected officials and candidates' support for the 28th Amendment is vital to the Uprising. When you meet with your elected officials, candidates, or their staff let us know!
Thank you for reporting!