A Government By the People- Jeff Clements on The Take with Sue O'Connell

By Wambui Gatheru, Citizen Empowerment Coordinator (wambuig@americanpromise.net)

American Promise Founder and President, Jeff Clements, sat down with Sue O'Connell of "The Take" to talk about the historic national movement to get money out of politics. The 28th amendment is getting a huge push in the state of Massachusetts following the incredible, volunteer-led 'People Govern, Not Money' ballot campaign where over 90,000 signatures will put the Amendment on the ballot in the Commonwealth. This ballot will, "Give the people a voice about how we want our political system to function--to represent people, not money" Jeff said. 

Watch the full interview here! 

With the support of Americans of every background from 19 states, over 800 cities and towns, the fight for the 28th Amendment will be won through crosspartisian collaboration. "We need our republican, democratic, and independent elected officials to actually reflect what the American people already feel..that people should govern and not money.”

This movement is bringing together Americans of all backgrounds who, when working together, are able to achieve incredible feats. United we will stand against corporate interests looking to divide our democracy. 

Join fellow citizen leaders in this historic effort!