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Core Teams are a way you can get your friends and families involved in the movement for the 28th Amendment quickly and effectively. You can easily declare you and your group a Core Team and jump on our Core Team Conference Calls.  Using the training and actions discussed in the Core Team conference calls, Core Team members will connect together locally and encourage each other to complete shorter term actions to help make the 28th a reality. Fill out the form below to get involved, and check out some of our suggested action buttons below the form!

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Action Sheets

Each month, American Promise members are in action, writing letters to the editor, having meetings with their members of Congress, asking elected officials to take the Candidate Pledge and much more, all centered around creating champions in Congress, the media and the general public to win a 28th Amendment so that people - not money, not corporations, not special interests - govern.

On each National Citizen Leader Conference Call, a call that happens on the second Saturday of every month, a training is led around the month's action. Listen to past calls here.

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