June 2018 National Citizen Leader Call with Dr. Carolyn Lukensmeyer

Join the June 9th National Citizen Leader Call with special guest Carolyn Lukensmeyer and citizen leaders like yourself, all across the country, all fed up with money corrupting our politics, all ready to do something to fix it! Register for June 9th's call at 1pm/10am ET, to learn how Americans of all political stripes are working to ensure our government works for us, We The People!

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This month's action is writing letters to the editor around the need for cross-partisan discourse.

Here's the action sheet! 

As a leader in the field of deliberative democracy, Dr. Lukensmeyer works to restore our democracy to reflect the intended vision of our founding fathers. Prior to serving as the Executive Director of the National Institute for Civil Discourse, Dr. Lukensmeyer founded and served as the President of AmericaSpeaks, an award-winning nonprofit organization that promoted nonpartisan initiatives to engage citizens and leaders through the development of innovative public policy tools and strategies. She was the Chief of Staff to Ohio Governor Richard F. Celeste from 1986-91, becoming the first woman to serve in this capacity.  

Over 80 percent of all Americans agree we need to get money out of politics. Turning this consensus into political power happens one conversation at a time. This is how we'll win.

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June 09, 2018 at 1pm - 2pm