Massachusetts Uprising


Welcome to the Citizen Uprising in Massachusetts!

The Bay State has been a leader in the push for the 28th Amendment to get big money out of politics, passing a legislative resolution in 2012 and more than 200 local resolutions. Now it's time to raise the volume.

The Citizen Uprising here will build on all of that great work with a statewide ballot initiative to give voice to all Massachusetts citizens, and a big push for the We the People Act in this legislative session. We are in the process of drafting our ballot language and building the campaign to help get it on the ballot and passed. Our allies at We the People Massachusetts are spearheading the We the People Act, a big push to get the 28th Amendment out to the states for ratification. Needless to say, there's a lot to do, and we need you!

Whether you are new to grassroots action or a seasoned community organizer, these campaigns will need local organizers, signature collectors, citizen lobbyists, team leaders, greeters, data entry specialists, sign holders, and more… Two quick things now:  

1. If you haven't already done so, pledge to join the Citizens Uprising in Massachusetts and save the date for the 28th Amendment ballot campaign launch- May 13 in Boston and May 20 in Worcester. Details to come. 

2. Call or write your State Legislators to support the We the People Act - its before the MA legislature now!

Our job is to translate the cross-partisan support of the voters and state legislators into votes and sponsorship of the 28th Amendment in Congress. American Promise is connecting people who want to get involved and help out. If you pledged to join the Citizens Uprising, we will follow up.

In the meantime, you can get started with easy to use tools. Take them out for a spin. 

Ready to join a team? Sign up below, raise your voice and get organized right where you live.

Prefer to donate? Fund grassroots action in your community.

One by one, citizens will put us on the map with all the other states working for the 28th Amendment that says PEOPLE - NOT MONEY - GOVERN THE UNITED STATES.

We CAN make the difference.