Massachusetts Uprising



Victory on Question 2 - We did it!

This is a historic win, with over 71% of Bay State Voters saying with one clear voice, we're done with big money and special interests dominating our elections!

To make this all possible, the incredible Yes on 2 volunteers collected over 130,000 signatures from all 351 towns in Massachusetts. We sent over 13,000 post cards urging neighbors to vote "yes" on 2. We made thousands of phone calls. Now Massachusetts is leading the way towards a more representative democracy for people, not profits.

But the work doesn't stop here. We must continue this incredible effort to make sure we have the most effective and diverse Citizens Commission so we can advance this 28th Amendment here in Massachusetts and across the nation.

The Citizen Uprising in Massachusetts needs supporters and volunteers of all stripes. Here are some ways to get involved:

  1. Learn more about the campaign, and the work needed for the Citizen Commission.
  2. You can contribute to the campaign to help support the effort to inform Massachusetts voters about the commission.

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