Michigan Uprising



Welcome to the Citizen Uprising in Michigan!

Michigan is rising up! For the first time, Senator Rebekah Warren and Representative Jeremy Moss have introduced legislation in both the Senate (SR.77) and House (HR.125) urging Congress to propose an amendment to the United States Constitution to allow the regulation of independent political expenditures by corporations. If these resolutions pass, it would make Michigan the 20th state to call for a 28th Amendment to overturn Citizens United v. FEC and return to common sense limits on election spending.

To show your support for the resolution, ask your State Senator and State Representative to co-sponsor this measure today!

Get connected with the Ypsilanti, MI American Promise Association and join an organized, dynamic group of active citizen leaders already in your community! Contact: Conrad Zumhagen, zumco@msn.com. 

Another APA is coming together in Lansing, MI! Contact: Hank Mayers, hankmayers@comcast.net.

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One by one, citizens will put us on the map with all the other states working for the 28th Amendment that says PEOPLE - NOT MONEY - GOVERN THE UNITED STATES.

We CAN make the difference.