New Hampshire Uprising


Welcome to the Citizen UpRising in New Hampshire!

Legislators, volunteer citizen leaders, activists, and allies have an incredible opportunity to make New Hampshire the 20th state calling for the historic 28th Amendment.  Many cities and towns in New Hampshire have called for this amendment, and the Granite State is fired up! 

Our bill HB 504, text herea resolution in the State House that would make New Hampshire the 20th State to call for the Amendment, has recently been referred to the Committee on Legislative Administration.  If we want to win, we have to act now as things are moving very fast. 

Action Item 1: Attend the public hearing on January 24th, 11:15am, Legislative Office Building Rm. 303, 33 N State St Concord, NH 03301 to make sure your elected officials know want action on this foundational issue! 

Action Item 2: Call your State Representative, urging them to support HB 504. HB 504 has been assigned to the Committee on Legislative Administration and it's particularly important the committee members hear your support for this needed reform. 

The committee members are: Chairman Janet Wall (Democrat-District 6), Vice Chairman Douglas Ley (D-9), Clerk Betsy McKinney (R-5), Timothy Smith (D-17), Jennifer Bernet (D-4), Sherry Frost (D-16), Allison Nutting-Wong (D-32), Alan Turcotte (D-22), Matthew Wilhelm (D-42), Richard Hinch (R-21), John Graham (R-7), Gregory Hill (R-3), Kimberly Rice (R-37), Bob Greene (R-37).

If your representative is a member of this committee, call them and ask them to support HB 504. You can find their phone number here.

We've created a script for asking their support here.

If your representative is not a member of the committee, still call and ask them to support HB 504. You can look up your legislator and their contact information here.

This strong 28th Amendment resolution reflects the good work of, and the determination of the people of New Hampshire.

NH Voters Restoring Democracy, a grassroots group of citizen activists, is working with NH legislators to stop the corrupting influence of big and secret money in politics.

They are now lobbying NH legislators to pass election reform laws at the national and state level. Their hope is to pass a resolution to call for the passage of an amendment to the Constitution for the regulation of campaign funding and spending. In addition, they are working to prohibit partisan redistricting (gerrymandering) by any political party and to establish a voluntary system of citizens-sponsored, small-donor, financing of campaign elections in NH.

If you are a NH voter, and are interested in lobbying NH legislators. Contact Corinne at:

Visit their website as a way to know how candidates for the 2020 election are likely to vote on future campaign finance reform legislation when in office: 

Prefer to donate? Fund grassroots action in your community.