New Hampshire Uprising


Welcome to the Citizen Uprising in New Hampshire!

We're off to a fast start in 2018! Legislators, volunteer citizen leaders, activists, and allies now have an incredible opportunity to make New Hampshire the 20th state calling for the historic 28th Amendment.  81 cities and towns in New Hampshire have called for this amendment, and the Granite State is fired up! 

Representative Ellen Read filed HB 1524, text herea resolution in the State House that would make New Hampshire the 20th State to call for the Amendment, and now we have a great opportunity to win in 2018.  But if we want to win, we have to act now as things are moving very fast.  

This strong 28th Amendment resolution reflects the good work of, and the determination of the people of New Hampshire.

Ready to join a team? Sign up below, raise your voice and get organized right where you live. You can also connect with your neighbors in this Facebook group. 

Prefer to donate? Fund grassroots action in your community.

One by one, citizens will put New Hampshire on the map with all the other states working for the 28th Amendment that says PEOPLE - NOT MONEY - GOVERN THE UNITED STATES.

We CAN make the difference.