Our Goal

American Promise is leading the charge for the 28th Amendment so we the people govern the United States -- not big money, not unions, and not corporations.

The Amendment process is well on its way to help set reasonable spending limits in our political elections, so that all Americans - regardless of net worth - can take responsibility for our lives, govern ourselves, and honor our national destiny.  

Five years after Citizens United, it is time to accept the historical gravity of our situation. It is time for Americans of all political viewpoints to come together to win the 28th Amendment — and to renew U.S. democracy again.

Doris Kearns Goodwin

Presidential historian, Pulitzer Prize-winning Author

80+% of Americans Want to Overturn Citizens United v. FEC to keep Big Money Out of Politics

Among self-described liberals, conservatives, and moderates, 80 percent say the decision should be overturned. [Bloomberg Politics, 9/28/15]


By reclaiming our democracy with the 28th Amendment, We The People - of all political beliefs - will secure rights and responsibilities for our lives and for our country’s future:

  • safe drinking water
  • national defense
  • equal justice
  • self-government
  • tax policy
  • job security
  • public safety
  • healthy food supply
  • independent press
  • public lands
  • clean and breathable air
  • serving the public interest
  • defending human liberty

Together, we will deliver the American Promise.

Join us.




A healthy, just, and lasting American republic, in which Constitutional rights for human beings are secure, and all citizens are equal, with the right and the responsibility to govern effectively together.

A renewal of our national covenant of human liberty, equal citizenship, and responsible self-government.


To empower, inspire, and organize Americans to win the cause of our time: the 28th Amendment. This historic reform will rebalance our politics and government by putting the rights of individual citizens and the interests of the nation before the privileges of concentrated money, corporations, unions, political parties, and superPACs.


American Promise leads the cross-partisan, fifty-state campaign for the 28th Amendment so that people, not money, govern America.

We have three drivers to win ratification of the 28th Amendment now:

  1. Our distributed, decentralized model supports, connects and amplifies cross-partisan local action by all Americans all over the country, driven by our national Citizen Uprising, Civic Courage program, public events, and our acclaimed National Citizen Leadership Conference;

  2. We build national consensus and determination, vetting and driving forward specific, effective language of the 28th Amendment with our Writing The 28th Amendment program and inviting all Americans into the process; and

  3. We hold elected representatives accountable to ensure that they represent the good of the country and the will of the people for big, real reform through the 28th Amendment, rather than do the bidding of big donors and special interests.

Together, this three-prong strategy is building the super-majority support in Congress and throughout the country to pass and ratify the 28th Amendment and renew the American promise of human liberty, equal citizenship, and effective self-government.

What It Says

The 28th Amendment affirms that We the People - not big money, not unions, not corporations - govern the United States.

The strongest consensus language for the Amendment* will secure:

  • Rights for human beings over privileges for global corporations and special interests
  • Fair and free elections for ALL Americans
  • Rights of all Americans to equal participation and representation 

*Now, American Promise is leading an 18 month effort to build national consensus.