Thank You

Thank you for adding your name to our petition to stop the Exxon Mobil takeover of the State Department. Our planet, our air, our water provide life support for the human race. We can provide permanent protection for it only after we pass and ratify the 28th Amendment so that people - not money, not corporations, not special interests - govern ourselves and our environmental destiny.

American Promise will help pass and ratify an amendment to rebalance democracy - no matter what our status or net worth - and so our government reflects the balanced representation on issues we hold dear. 80+% of Americans want it to happen. Be one of those who will make it happen. 

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American Promise maintains a library of signers and petition gatherers to present to elected officials across the country. We keep you informed about action in the march toward the 28th Amendment, provide calls to action, and connect you to the movement across the country.

Thank you again for signing on to this historic cause. We hope you will take the next step forward and become a member of American Promise. The health of our planet hinges on what we do next. 

Stay tuned: Citizen Uprising is in the works!

Jeff Clements
President, American Promise