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Jeff Clements

President and Board Member


 Jeff serves as President of American Promise. He has practiced law for three decades in public service and private practice, and is the author of Corporations Are Not People: Reclaiming Democracy From Big Money & Global Corporations. He is also the founder of Whaleback Partners LLC, which provides sustainable financing to businesses in the local agriculture economy. Previously, Jeff has been a partner in a major Boston law firm and served as Assistant Attorney General and Chief of the public law enforcement bureau in the Attorney General’s Office in Massachusetts. Jeff has helped to start and been a board member of many non-profit organizations and businesses. Today, in addition to the board of American Promise, he serves on the vestry of Trinity Episcopal Church in Concord, Massachusetts. Twitter: @ClementsJeff 

Alicia Cleary

Alicia Cleary

Board Member


 Alicia is an analytical, creative and entrepreneurial leader with proven experience in developing, implementing and directing business development initiatives across sectors, multi-stakeholders levels and diverse communities, including Greater Boston, South East Asia, South & Central America, and Europe. Most recently the founder and CEO of Arts2You in the Boston area, Alicia has extensive experience in the business and non-profit sectors, including operations, strategy and business development and marketing.



John Wass

Board Chair


John is a corporate executive and entrepreneur whose body of work includes leadership in the early days of Staples, one of America’s most well-known office supply retailers. He helped expand the company from 3 stores to over 1000 outlets. He managed development programs including a prototype store, the B2B business unit, and a $10B global supply chain. John also co-founded and built a state-of-the-art healthcare information company, which he sold to Cardinal Healthcare. He now serves as CEO of Profit Isle, Inc.



Michele Sutter

Board Member


Michele is a teacher, former story editor at HBO, theater artist, and producer who co-founded Money Out, Voters In, (MOVI) in California: a non-partisan, all-volunteer organization dedicated to the establishment of a 28th Amendment.With Michele’s dedication, MOVI’s efforts were critical to the passage of a Los Angeles municipal ballot measure calling for an amendment resolution and in 2016, her team led the campaign for the successful statewide Proposition 59 in California that instructed elected officials to vote to overturn Citizens United v. FEC.

AP Staff



Jeff Clements

President and Board Member


Jeff, an attorney, is a founder and President of American Promise. He is the author of Corporations Are Not People: Reclaiming Democracy From Big Money & Global Corporations. In his legal career, he has been a partner in a major Boston law firm and has served as Assistant Attorney General and Chief of the public law enforcement bureau in the Attorney General’s Office in Massachusetts. In 2012, He founded Whaleback Partners LLC, which provides sustainable financing to businesses in the local agriculture economy in New England. Jeff has helped to start and been a board member of many non-profit organizations and businesses. Today, in addition to the board of American Promise, he serves on the vestry of Trinity Episcopal Church in Concord, Massachusetts. Twitter: @ClementsJeff 



Leah Field

Managing Director


Proactively pivoting from a profit driven to a mission driven vocation, Leah joins American Promise as Managing Director. With a strong background in organizational and financial management, she is thrilled to contribute her experience to empowering staff, volunteers, and citizens to win the 28th Amendment. Leah brings a passion for consensus building and increasing organizational awareness among team members; she believes that members are best served by a healthy organization, a state achieved through ongoing goal assessment, feedback, and evaluation. Born and raised in New England, she earned her BA in Psychology from Boston University. Previously, she worked as an Operations Manager at BioMimetic Systems, a biotech firm in Cambridge, MA and most recently, she worked as an Engagement Manager at ATLANTIC-ACM, a Boston-based strategic marketing and management consulting firm.


Ben Gubits

Ben Gubits

Director, Political Strategy


A native of Colorado, Ben comes to American Promise with significant experience both in business and in organizing, public policy and Citizen education and engagement. He has worked as Senior Sourcing Specialist with Monster.com, and previously served as Director of Professional Development with the National Council of History Education in Washington, D.C. Ben was Regional Field Director in a 2014 gubernatorial campaign, and has been an organizer in several campaigns. He is a graduate of Fort Lewis College in Colorado, and is currently a candidate for his Masters in Public Administration at Suffolk University in Boston.



Susan Muller

Director, Events and Operations


Recognized as a reliable, energetic, and organized entrepreneur with strong business and leadership skills Susan is the Events and Operations Director at American Promise. Raised in Wisconsin, she earned her BA from Wheaton College and her MBA from Babson College. Susan started her career at Bank of New England, where she performed various roles including VP of Credit Services. Over the next fifteen years, Susan took her creative flair and strong graphics background to found and operate Custom Signs, Inc., and provided a full range of signage media to businesses and individuals. For the past six years, she was Tea Forté’s Trade Show Manager. In 2016 Susan joined American Promise to dedicate her strong promotional, business, and interpersonal skills to further a cause in which she believes.



Brian Muldoon

Director, Digital and Information


As a former Executive Director as well as Field and Data Director for the Massachusetts Democratic Party, Brian has developed experience in, and a love for, community organizing and grassroots campaigning. After leaving the Party, Brian received his J.D. from Suffolk University, held a senior staff position on the Martha Coakley campaign as a leader of its field and data program, and served for the past few years as a consultant on a wide range of political and issue oriented campaigns. Brian comes to American Promise with the goal of committing his political campaign experience to the cause of ending big money in politics.



Johannes Epke



From his previous work on the 28th Amendment with Move To Amend, Johannes will oversee the organization of Writing the 28th Amendment (an interactive collaborative citizen project), add legal support to the ballot initiative and legislative initiatives in the Citizens Uprising, monitor and track our legislator scorecard and Congressional and State vote-count, and expand resources and information about for citizen leaders. Johannes is a graduate of Lewis & Clark Law School, and has practiced environmental law in California. 



Azor Cole

Citizen Empowerment Coordinator


Azor’s experience as a journalist fostered his skepticism towards concentrated power, and spurred his interest in campaign finance reform. His work has appeared in The Daily Orange, The Syracuse New Times, and Envirogorge. As an intern with Public Citizen, he produced blog posts, ghost-wrote op-eds, and coordinated with an active volunteer community to enact public interest reforms. As the Citizen Empowerment Coordinator for American Promise, Azor looks forward to working with the patriotic citizenry of this country to pass the 28th Amendment and right the fundamental wrong that corporations are, constitutionally, considered people. Azor is a graduate of Syracuse University. 



Wambui Gatheru

Citizen Empowerment Coordinator


As a Citizen Empowerment Coordinator, Wambui hopes to lend her fervor for political activism, social justice and leadership to the fight to ratify the 28th Amendment. As an organizer at her alma mater, the University of Connecticut, Wambui created and led several groups aimed at empowering the unheard and advocating on behalf of her student body for institutional change to the University's Senate Diversity Committee. As an intern for Connecticut State Senator Gary Winfield, she learned the importance the everyday citizen plays in shaping and influencing their government and is inspired to help  empower citizens to take back their democracy. One of her favorite quotes from the eloquent Senator Winfield is, "There are no voiceless people, there are only silenced people whose voices have yet to find the right ear." She hopes to bring this spirit of empowerment and engagement to her role at American Promise.



Mark Steininger

Digital and Information Systems Associate


Mark is originally from Fort Collins, Colorado, and he’s been involved in both Massachusetts and Colorado local politics since he was in high school. After working on environmental issues and student loan reform, Mark became interested in campaign finance law and realized the utmost importance of the issue. He’s very excited about the work he will do with American Promise. He believes that campaign finance reform is a necessary step in the upkeep of democratic institutions and the preservation of functional government. Mark is graduate of Boston University.



Liz Harvey

Development Manager


As a former Development Director, Director of Foundation Support and Major Gifts Officer, Liz has worked in a range of roles at Massachusetts non-profits, supporting efforts to connect individuals and organizations with impactful causes. Most recently, Liz was the Associate Director at the Concord-Carlisle Community Chest where she oversaw marketing and development communications efforts and special events. As the Development Manager at American Promise, Liz looks forward to helping to address the outsized influence of money in politics and engaging, and inspiring others to join the effort.



Melissa Gough

Special Projects Manager


Melissa comes to American Promise out of concern for how unchecked corporate power has stymied progress toward an environmentally sustainable economy. Her own citizen activism was sparked by a passion for the environment fostered by spending her formative years biking the back roads of Boston MetroWest and hiking the woods and mountains of New England. Over the years that has expanded to a deep belief in the power of personal action and engaged citizens to re-energize our democracy. She is active in local community environment groups and also worked for the UK’s most successful solar company in its start-up phase. She holds an Masters in Environmental Change and Management from University of Oxford.


Brian Boyle

Brian Boyle

Senior Law Fellow


Brian lives in central Massachusetts where he oversees his family-owned insurance brokerage and serves on his town’s finance committee. Before becoming a small business owner, Brian was a litigator in a national law firm and clerked on the Massachusetts Appeals Court. He earned his BA from Harvard College and his JD from Cornell Law School. Brian is passionate about cross-partisan efforts to improve our constitutional democracy and is excited to contribute to American Promise’s mission.


Elizabeth Doty

Elizabeth Doty

Business for American Promise, National Program Leader


A long-time advocate of responsible business and leadership integrity, Elizabeth Doty joins American Promise as the National Program Leader of Business for American Promise. In 2016, she and her father co-founded Business for American Promise - Bay Area, out of concern that unlimited political spending was threatening both representative democracy and free enterprise. For 27 years, Elizabeth’s firm, Leadership Momentum, has helped businesses in over a dozen industries to improve strategy execution. During Lawrence Lessig’s 5-year Lab on Institutional Corruption at the Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University, Elizabeth served as a Lab Fellow, studying and writing on the problem of “commitment drift” in large organizations. Elizabeth writes regularly for strategy + business magazine, and, in 2016 and 2017, was selected as a Top Thought Leader in Trust. Her book, The Compromise Trap, explores the sources of unhealthy pressure in business, and how professionals can act on their values in the workplace. Elizabeth earned her MBA from Harvard Business School in 1991 and her Bachelors in Economics from University of California at Berkeley in 1985.