State Resolutions

Through the work of citizen leaders, state legislatures around the country have filed resolutions in support of the 28th Amendment. The Citizen Uprising is working but we need you to show your support! Follow the steps below to support these critical resolutions.

Step 1 - See if a resolution has been introduced in your state

 Click on each resolutions to read the texts

State House
Alaska HJR 11 SJR 6
Connecticut HJR 35  
Hawaii HCR 72 SCR 2
Kentucky HR 87 16 RS BR 2019
Maryland HJ 6  SJ4
Massachusetts H 1926 S379
Minnesota HB 2139 SF 1082
Mississippi HC 8 SC 547
Missouri HCR 13 SCR 9
Nevada   SJR 4
New Mexico   SJR 12
North Dakota HCR 3008  
Ohio   SR 37
Oregon   SJM 2
Texas HCR 34  
Virginia HJR 701  
Washington HJM 4003 SJM 8001
Wyoming HJR 0010  


Step 2 - Educate yourself on the 28th Amendment

Explore our website, including our FAQ page, and check out the videos below.



Step 3 - Contact your legislator and show your support

Contact your state legislators now and tell them to support the resolution for a 28th Amendment now!