The Citizen Up-Rising is On!

American Promise is spearheading a 50-state Citizen Up-Rising with one goal: the 28th Amendment to get big money out of politics and ensure fair representation of the American people. This is how we re-establish common sense rules to regain balance in our democracy and guarantee free and fair elections. American Promise will see it through, and every citizen has a local role to play in this national wave of action.

Here's how far we've come, with 19 state resolution for the 28th Amendment, and 800 cities and towns taking a stand:


We inspire and support cross-partisan efforts of all Americans who are committed to a 28th Amendment: We the People – not money, not super PACs, not corporations – govern the United States.

Sign the Petition

I pledge to join the 50-state Citizen Uprising in my state to support the 28th Amendment so that people - not money, not corporations, not special interests - govern America. 

Since January, 129,261 have pledged their support for the Citizen Uprising in their communities, and we are just getting started. Pledge your support today!

How We Win — Together!

Do you want to help make the 28th Amendment a reality? Here at American Promise we believe there is a place for everyone. You can start today with something simple but effective. To contact your representative, write a letter to the editor of a local paper, or just sign our petition please click the 'What You Can Do Today' button. Want to do more? Check out the 'Get Involved in Your Community' button. Ready to lead? Click the 'Start an APA' button, to learn how you can work with others in your community to start a local American Promise Association.


Get Your State Moving

American Promise is leading a state-by-state drive to pass and ratify The 28th Amendment. So far 19 states and 800 cities and towns have already passed resolutions, and citizens in hundreds more communities across the country have begun organizing.

To find out what's happening in your state, click on the map below:


American Promise members are leading campaigns that are pushing the 28th Amendment forward. Find out how you can help:

Grass roots movements for the 28th Amendment begin here!

Hundreds of municipalities have voiced their support!

We're tracking which elected officials are on board for the 28th!

See the progress on writing the Amendment!

Read stories of everyday people working for the 28th!

Our conference to celebrate and coordinate our efforts!

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We help Americans connect, learn and act around the country. If you don't see an event near you and want to schedule one in your area, please contact Azor Cole at