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Together, we will restore democracy with the 28th Amendment. Here are a few first steps get to you started. Click on any of the options to learn more about actions YOU can take to make a difference:

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I pledge to join the 50-state Citizen Uprising in my state to support the 28th Amendment so that people - not money, not corporations, not special interests - govern America. 

Since January, 130,369 have pledged their support for the Citizen Uprising in their communities, and we are just getting started. Pledge your support today!

Become an Member

Become an American Promise Citizen today to step up to the responsibilities and benefits of the movement to secure our constitutional rights and to direct our national destiny.

Your support goes directly to our national campaign to win: digital infrastructure of our member platform (AP Connect™), public portal tools (, and paid state organizers. If you are unable to become an AP Citizen today, and would like to support our work, please donate as you are able.

AP Citizens contribute between $5/month ($60/year) and $100/month ($1200/year). At American Promise there are no “super citizens” who pay more to get more. We use the kind of small-donor model we want to see in our democracy - including a maximum contribution.

Here are some of the ways that AP Citizens can make an impact:


With up-to-date press and information about the movement for effective citizenship

Via On the Move™ digest for busy citizens


On AP Connect™, our AP Citizen platform for local and national collaboration

Collaborate on a letter to the editor


In our lives and in our government

On regular telephone Town Halls, national webinars, and regional events

With action that holds elected officials accountable as we convey our beliefs

At National Citizen Leadership Conferences and all the conference materials

Renew AP Citizenship

If you are a current AP Citizen ready to renew, Thank you!

Citizen Uprising Events

American Promise is taking the Citizen Uprising on the road! Find an event near you below where American Promise will be launching the Citizen Uprising around the country.

Don't see an event near you? Help us set one up! Email Azor Cole at to get started.

  • Get Money Out - Columbus, OH APA Launch

    Whether your issue is climate change, the opioid crisis, affordable healthcare, gun safety, or income inequality, in order to win meaningful, lasting reform, we must fix our constitution first so our government serves people, not profits. 

    You're invited to the Columbus, Ohio American Promise Association launch for a free workshop that will give you the tools you need to stay engaged on this issue through the 2018 election cycle and beyond. 

    Become a grassroots leader in breaking the dominance of money in politics that corrupts our government, not only to pass the 28th Amendment, but to make sure our elected officials know people - not money, not corporations, not super PACs - govern the United States.  

    This training session, led by Citizen Empowerment Coordinator Azor Cole, will cover:

    - What the 28th Amendment does and how to talk about it

    - How to develop the political will needed to ratify a 28th Amendment

    - How to speak effectively about the need for a 28th Amendment

    - Actions you can take

    - How to plan for additional learning

    It's hard to know what's true in the he said/she said swirl of our current news cycles. What is real and dangerous is the grip of big money in American politics. Americans are pushing back and are ready to win the 28th Amendment together! Please join this cross-partisan effort to reclaim our democracy and RSVP now!

    Tuesday, July 31, 2018 at 06:15 PM
  • People Govern, Not Money 'Yes on 2' Celebration!


    We did it! Come celebrate with People Govern Not Money, Attorney General Maura Healey and Congressman Jim McGovernAfter successfully collecting over 130,000 signatures, and delivering over 108,000 certified signatures to the Secretary of the Commonwealth, the People Govern Not Money Initiative Petition is officially certified and will be added to the 2018 November ballot as question 2! Now, It's time to celebrate and support the tremendous efforts of People Govern, Not Money ballot committee and the hundreds of volunteers who made this possible! 


    Click here to RSVP


    Join us on August 1st for a night of ice cream, beer, and celebration at Democracy Brewing located in downtown Boston! Come out to learn more about 'Yes on 2,' celebrate with the volunteers of People Govern Not Money and help support this effort to get big money out of politics!

    Click here to RSVP

    Wednesday, August 01, 2018 at 06:00 PM
    Democracy Brewing in Boston, MA