The Equality State


Welcome to the Citizen Uprising in Wyoming.

HJ0008, a bill in the Wyoming State Legislature calling for fair and free elections, passed 37-20 through the Wyoming House of Representatives on February 6th!

We're halfway to victory and now on to the Senate! Contact your State Senator and urge them to support HJ0008! Every call and email counts! 

Wyoming is poised to be the 20th State calling for a constitutional amendment to get Big Money out of politics. With enough citizen pressure, we'll get there. 

The all-volunteer group Wyoming Promise is spearheading this legislative effort, after generating major momentum from their signature gathering effort to put the 28th Amendment on the 2018 Wyoming Ballot. When we win, it will be a huge breakthrough for the national movement fighting so people - not money, not corporations, not special interests - govern. Get involved here! 

Prefer to donate? Fund grassroots action in your community.